Iptables log to a separate file

Because of the better overview I would have the firewall logging in a separate file. Here a first try with rsyslog. Modify the logging options in fwbuilder In the fwbuilder, a log prefix can be set for the rule options. For example “NETFILTER “. Yes, there is a blank at the end. 🙂 In the compiled file […]

OpenVAS: Important files

Location of log files /usr/local/var/log/openvas/ Name of log files gsad.log openvasmd.log openvassd.messages openvassd.dump Location of configuration files /usr/local/etc/openvas/ Name of configuration files gsad_log.conf openvasmd_log.conf pwpolicy.conf

XML summary

XML documents must contain one root element that is the parent of all other elements. XML tags are case sensitive. The tag <Test> is different from the tag <test>. XML elements can have attributes, they must always be quoted (single or double quotes are allowed). <text reason=”info”> <text reason=’info’> An element includes start and end […]

OpenVAS: Linux Local Security Checks

Basis of the procedure For simplification, there is the possibility to use so-called automatically generated credentials. After the save a debian package can be downloaded. If the package is installed on a target system, the required user is created automatically. Uninstalling the package deletes the user. Install dpkg –install openvas-lsc-target-openvas1.deb Vormals nicht ausgewähltes Paket openvas-lsc-target-openvas1 […]