OpenVAS: PDF report insert head an foot

My first attempt to modify a pdf report can be found here: CUSTOMIZING PDF-REPORTS In the next step, I want to insert headers and footers. For this reason, I have cloned the original report and modified it. This article describes the procedure Clone existing PDF report Then the new report can be renamed. Important is the […]

OpenVAS: Customizing PDF-Reports

introduction On this page I describe a few simple steps to individualize the standard pdf reports of openvas. The two files for the PDF report are in the directory /usr/local/share/openvas/openvasmd/global_report_formats/c402cc3e-b531-11e1-9163-406186ea4fc5/ generate = Batch file that generates a latex file from an xml report with the help of an xsl file and converts it later to a […]

mysql: often used commands

Display all tables of a database mysql> SHOW TABLES; mysql> SHOW TABLES FROM db_name; Structure of a table mysql> SHOW FIELDS FROM tbl_name; Create view CREATE VIEW <view-vame> [ ( <fields> ) ] AS <Select> ; mysql> CREATE VIEW ulogd2view AS SELECT id, oob_time_sec, oob_time_usec, oob_prefix, oob_mark, oob_in, oob_out, ip_saddr, ip_daddr, ip_protocol, ip_tos, ip_ttl, ip_totlen, […]

mysql: Logging

Only for quick debugging sql commands: Edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf # Both location gets rotated by the cronjob. # Be aware that this log type is a performance killer. # As of 5.1 you can enable the log at runtime! general_log_file = /var/log/mysql/mysql.log general_log = 1  

Debugging mysql communication with tcpdump and pt-query-digest

To test the network communication between a mysql client and the associated mysql database is usually a simple tcpdump on the database server. root@debian-iptables1 ~ # tcpdump -i any port 3306 tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode listening on any, link-type LINUX_SLL (Linux cooked), capture size 262144 bytes 14:27:49.392769 […]

Iptables: remove rules and allow full access

Copy the lines to a new file, eg. and give the file the execute rights. #!/bin/bash # all open 🙂 iptables -F iptables -X iptables -t nat -F iptables -t nat -X iptables -t mangle -F iptables -t mangle -X iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT root@debian-iptables1 ~ […]