OpenVAS: Customizing PDF-Reports


On this page I describe a few simple steps to individualize the standard pdf reports of openvas.

The two files for the PDF report are in the directory


generate = Batch file that generates a latex file from an xml report with the help of an xsl file and converts it later to a pdf
latex.xsl = Stylesheet to transform xml-report to latex.

In order to individualize the report, the latex.xsl must be edited.

The own logo on the first page

I use a logo with 360 x 360 pixels, which is available as png file.

First copy the file logo.png into the above mentioned folder.

Before you edited the latex.xsl should make a security copy. 🙂

To use images, the package “graphicx” has to be imported in the header section.

<!-- The latex header. -->
 <xsl:template name="header">


At the start page, a distinction is made between the type of report to be created

  • Delta Report
  • Prognostic Report
  • Scan report
 <xsl:when test="openvas:report()/delta">
 <xsl:text>\title{Delta Report}</xsl:text>
 <xsl:when test="openvas:report()/@type = 'prognostic'">
 <xsl:text>\title{Prognostic Report}</xsl:text>
 <xsl:text>\title{Scan Report}</xsl:text>

Since I currently use only scanreports I add the logo at this point and changed the text.

The command to include the picture is:


The whole section now looks like this:

<xsl:text>\title{\includegraphics[width=3cm]{Logo}\newline Scan Bericht -Stadtverwaltung Neustadt an der Weinstraße \newline }</xsl:text>

And the first page of the report now graces my logo.


In the occasion I have translated a few texts.

My second attempt OpenVAS: PDF report insert head an foot



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